-          TEXT: 1 KINGS 17:1-15, EZEKIEL 37:1-10       The breath of God is the breath of life; thebreath of the spirit that distinguishes-         The breath gives the assurance that you are theSon of God       You must create room for the breathe of God andnot for the breath of life alone-         The breath of God does not permit
by PROFESSOR I.S. OGUNDIYA    03-October-2020, 12:41:46 pm
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-          TEXT: 1 KINGS 17:1-15, EZEKIEL 37:1-10

       The breath of God is the breath of life; thebreath of the spirit that distinguishes

-         The breath gives the assurance that you are theSon of God

       You must create room for the breathe of God andnot for the breath of life alone

-         The breath of God does not permit failure,sickness, calamity; it protects, guides, provides etc

-         The breath of God is unmeasurable, the more Hisbreath fills your life, the more you becomes powerful

-         Without His breath, you become victims of allcalamities

-         There is a level in the spirit realm where aspiritual man gasp for breath

-         When you cry for revival, you cry for His breath

-         When you can’t pray, read the scripture,meditate again, you are running out of breath

-         Running out of breath is running out of fire,power and authority

-         When your anointing is running out, you arerunning out of breath

-         When the breath of God leaves, the breath oflife lives also, you become unstable emotionally, financially, spiritually andsocially


1.      It is the source of life – Genesis 2:7, Job 33:4,14-15

2.      Makes us an overcomer- EXODUS 15:8, Job 26:13

-         His breath brings about a supernatural blast andgoes to the depth of your problem for divine solution

3.      It gives divine understanding - Job 33:8

-         You can’t make a decision and fail because you carry His breath

4.      It heals every form of sickness - Ezekiel 37:5

5.      Praises and worship are in His breath

-         Singing without His breath, makes you just asinger and not a worshipper

6.      It replenish and restore – Revelation 11:11

7.      It empowers- John 20:22-30

8.      It has power to create – Genesis 2:7

9.      It has destructive capacity - Job 4:9

-         It strengthens you to fight war

10.  It reminds us of eternity – Psalm 39:5, Job7:16, Psalm 144:4

11.  It brings about restoration - 2 Kings 4:38-44

-         The power of God cannot fail in the hand of anyMan that carries His breath; it brings life to every dead thing

-         You must place your problem/challenge wellbefore God for restoration to come

-         Those that carries the breath of God arecarriers of power and authority

-         The breath of God reverse every irreversiblecase.

-        Whatthe devil is looking for in a Man is the glory upon his life

-        Theglory of God reminds us of creation

-       Ifyou receive the touch of God, you receive the breath of God

-        Inthe breath of God, there is power, life and strength

-        God’sbreath is the source of life that brings breakthrough, wisdom and understanding

-        Victorycomes upon you when you receive the breath of God

-        Thebreath of God restores and replenish every lost things

-        Whenthere is an outpour from heaven, every dead thing receive the breath of God

-        Whenyou are in a hopeless situation, the breath of God gives you hope

-        Youmust always do the first thing first, for the breath of God in you to produceresult

-        Whenthe breath of God is absent in a nation, there will be challenges andstagnation

-        Yourutterances/words is a great determinant for the breath of God in you to beeffective

-        Whatthe devil targets in a Man is the breath of God; when breath goes out of you,you become spiritually dead

-        Twogreat miracle a man must experience is the miracle of a generation and themiracle of revival

-        Thehand of God and the spirit of God is upon you when the breath of God is uponyou

-        Thebreath of God carries you to the place of the supernatural

-        Thebreath of God comes in different dimensions upon a Man

-        Ahopeless life is lifeless, when there is hope there is life

-        Yourstep of faith enables the breath of God in you to command results

-        Thebreath of God brings about a great noise of victory and joins every formlessthings to receive form

-        Thebreath of GOD has the capacity to bring something out of nothing

-        Youhave to say something to your destiny for the breath of God to bring a greatshape in your life

-        Thebreath of God resurrect every dead glory back to life

-        Godrestores a man in stages, he restores a man stage by stage; He does not skipstages

-        Itis the breath of God that gives flesh to every dry bones in your life

-        Yourspiritual body becomes inactive when you lack the breath of God

-        Noman can receive the breath of God and not receive the touch of God.

-        Inthe breath of God there is life, peace, hope, grace, there is understanding,there is secrete of life and so on.

-        Thebreath of God carries the Spirit of God.

-        Whenyour hope on God falls away your source of your life will also fall away.

-        Whenone situation looks hopeless the breath of God is always there to give life.

-        Anytimewe do anything according to the promises of God, life never end.

-        Whenthe breath of God is missing, man will do anything just to live includingkilling his fellow human being.

-        Thebreath of God comes in different ways and pattern, we only need to believe andacknowledge it then it will work for you.

-        WhenGod comes into any matter, life comes immediately.

-        Miracleof regeneration is the wind of revival.

-        Whenthe spirit of God is on a man then the hand of God carries that man.

-        WhenEzekiel was passing through the valley of dry bone, all he sees was a hopelessand impossible matter, his mindset had to change for him to command result

-        Anytime we face situation of life let us learn to take it back to God for theproper answer because He alone knows all and the proper answer.

-        Whatwas missing in the case of the dry bones was the breath of God. So any time oursituation looks hopeless and shapeless all it need is the breath of God. Sospeak life to any matter that concerns you.

-        Fora shapeless situation to receive shape one must have to speak as commanded bythe Lord, then life return.

-        Anytimethe breath of God comes into a matter is for the restoration of life.

-        Alife of a Christian is all about prophesying over our life.

-         Youmustn’t be called a prophet before you can prophesy over your life.

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